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Keep it simple: composing easy research paper topics

Finding the topic can be the hardest part for some students. Are you unable to move forward on your project because you can’t decide what to write about for your research paper? You’re not alone. Every student goes through this eventually, and some struggle with it every time they sit down to write their homework. In order to not let the frustration or stress eat at you, you need to relax and plan what you’re going to do. Look at your schedule and realistically estimate the number of hours you can dedicate to this assignment. Then, build your schedule around that.

Finding Topic Ideas

For those who have problems finding anything interesting, here are some ways you can look for new topic ideas. Start with one or two of these, and then follow your instincts if something suddenly piques your interest.

Narrowing Down Topic Ideas

On the other hand, students who have too many ideas have the similar problem of not being able to decide. When there are several topics that would work well, you need to decide your priorities for this assignment. This is as much a problem as having no ideas.