Psychology Topics For a Research Paper to Stay Away From

Have ever sat in a psychology class and heard nearly the same research paper report over and over and over again? Agonizing right? Well that’s because many people use the same Internet search engine topic search to find things to write about. Some search along the lines of, “best psychology research paper topics to write about,” is going to give you the same generic lists as everyone else in your class. Now put yourself in the shoes of the professor who has to roughly the same papers. By the end, they’re probably on the verge of writing their own autobiography about how their sophomore psychology students made them a serial killer. Save your professor and your grade by paying close attention to this list of the most popular psychology topics for a research paper to stay away from.

  1. How to be a serial killer
  2. For whatever reason, the most common psychology research papers deal with the minds of serial killers. Everyone wants to know why and what a serial killer was thinking when he or she was committing the crimes. With the amount of television shows and movies that saturate the market, you would think that less people would want to conduct a research paper on serial killers.

  3. Depression
  4. Depression is another easy target when is comes to writing a research paper. Rather than simply talking about the illness and stating the same facts that numerous others before you referenced, try to structure your paper around a specific case study.

  5. Eating Disorders
  6. Another popular choice is researching various eating disorders. Make this unique, by studying a specific person or group of people who share the same commonalities that may have attributed to them having eating disorders.

  7. Bi-polar Disorder
  8. Stay away from this one unless you profile someone you know directly who suffers from the disorder.

  9. Media, Violence, and Children
  10. Another common and now deadbeat topic. This will always be a popular choice and should be avoided unless you find a spin or argue a different side to the story.

  11. Bullying
  12. An important issue but too broad of a topic to cover without narrowing to a profile. Although, with the massive amount of attention this issue is receiving it may be a better idea to stay away from this altogether.