Directions On How To Find Easy Argumentative Research Paper Topics

An easy argumentative research topic is the one which you have a strong opinion on (it is far more difficult to write about anything you do not care about) and for which you can find enough material without much effort. Besides, it should be relevant to your course material and broad enough to elaborate on in a lengthy paper. Follow the guidelines below to pick a topic you would have no trouble writing on.

Where to Find Easy Argumentative Topics?

  • Read newspapers.
  • Look through any popular newspaper or news website. What issues are discussed there? Which articles have arisen your strongest emotions? Why do you agree (or disagree) with the author? If the topic of this article is relevant to your course (for example, an article on the demolishment of ancient buildings can be relevant to a course in architecture or social science), think of choosing it for your argumentative research paper. Controversial topics that make it to popular media are usually rich in other accessible sources as well.

  • Read previous research in a relevant field.
  • Visit your academic library (or use its online database). Look through the latest issues of scholarly journals in relevant field. Which article titles have caught your eye? Read the abstract to find out whether you find this subject interesting. If you do, read the whole article. Determine what main point the author makes and whether you agree or disagree with him or her. You can produce a great research paper by arguing “against” an established scholar. Meanwhile, you can use this work and several of its sources as your own references.

  • Use topic suggestions on the Internet.
  • Browse the Web for hot argumentative topic lists. Look through each one you discover to see whether there are any topics that appeal to you. Do not discard a topic only because it seems too common or overused. Common topics are the most convenient to write on. You can easily find lots of materials on them to build a strong argument. Remember that your paper will be judged not as much by the originality of its subject as by your ability to research, analyze, discuss, and express your ideas in a persuasive manner.

Sample Easy Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  • Should production and sale of tobacco products be made illegal?
  • Does fast food cause obesity?
  • Is it dangerous to use a cell phone while driving?
  • Do homeschoolers perform better as compared to public school students?
  • Would the Wall help reduce illegal immigration?