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A List Of Research Paper Topics That Will Impress Your Professor

Writing when you are in college can be much more challenging than your high school essays. One thing you will want to concentrate on is having interesting and innovative topics. Consider the topics for the following subjects in order to amaze your college or university professor.

Social Studies

  • Trace the actions of ISIS from the time of Mohammed-what are the roots of today’s terrorist group and how true Islam is not violent
  • Explore the Sons of liberty-describe their lives and loves
  • Pick a Robber Baron and discuss his legacy-these men were great and they had great flaws
  • Compare a tycoon and argue either Robber Baron or Captain of Industry-were they good guys or bad guys or both
  • Look ahead to the 2016 US possible presidential candidates-discuss the possible candidates and their platforms
  • Explore the Mayas are there amazing advances and inventions-they were certainly ahead of the times
  • The Arts

  • Pick an artist and compare him or her with another artist in a different field-use tow completely different like Georgia O’Keefe and Mary Cassatt
  • The first super models-when did this craze begin and who were they?
  • Da Vinci and his amazing life-the man and his myths
  • Mozart, the unhappy painter-why was he unhappy, was he simply too genius?
  • Discuss the different schools of painting-mention the style as well as some of the artists
  • Pottery-art or utensils?
  • Mathematics

  • Explore how math is used every day-this could be fun if you can think of unusual ways
  • Will there be a new math and if so, when? -Inquiring minds want to know
  • Math in the kitchen-you would be amazed at how often you use math in the kitchen
  • Math and technology-how has it changed
  • Math for babies-what do babies need to know about math
  • Technology

  • Ipad schools-are they effective or not?
  • Laptop schools-are they working?
  • The world of educational apps-there are about a million educational apps, so narrow down the field
  • Sharing or plagiarism-knowing the difference while on the Internet-has Internet made research or plagiarism easier for students? Or both?
  • English and Literature

  • Compare and contrast Dickinson and Poe-just how different are they?
  • Hemingway and his life as portrayed in his works-the man had demons
  • Shakespeare-to be or not to be
  • The plays of tragedy-pick two or three of the greats and compare and contrast
  • Hamlet and his flaw-you have a few to pick from
  • Beowulf’s helicopter mother- was she the first helicopter mom and why?