4 Tips For Writing History Term Papers

Much like great historians, the scripting excellent history papers means developing theses, conducting well-rounded research and forming hypothetical statements along the way which challenge the human mind. The goal is speaking your mind while backing your words with historical facts; not everyone may fully be prepared to write history term papers for college yet we’ve provided four excellent tips to consider should your college or high school studies lead you to this truly special form of report writing.

Start Off Strong

You’ll need to develop your titles, introductions and opening arguments with vigor to capture the readers’ attention from the get-go. Many great history term papers fail to emanate great thoughts in their titles or intros, causing the teacher grading the term paper to fall asleep. You’ll need to perfect these two areas while forming your argument in the form of a hypothetical statement relevant to the period of history being covered and researched.

Keep Clear Writing Style

Avoid colloquially incorrect statements or abbreviations which depict ‘slang’; always write in correct English tone and keep proper names of historical figures capitalized, even when discussing various battles or factions which were formed. Each paragraph written should contain at least one point relevant to your title and hypothesis with approximately 3-4 paragraphs per page using standard 12-point fonts. Minimize use of long quotations by only including pertinent sayings to back your term papers’ main objective.

Always Cite Sources

History term papers will be based solely on facts; you must present these facts in your own words while properly accrediting the sources whether through footnotes or appendices with numbers. Footnotes allow the reader to see where your source came from on each page instead of waiting to the end to sift out facts. Whichever method you’ve chosen, always properly cite sources of historical information which can later be verified if needed.

Develop Thesis Late In Paper

Thesis formation should always happen towards the end of your history paper since you cannot begin a book purporting facts which haven’t been proven. First develop your hypothesis of some particular history fact, back this with facts relevant to chosen historical era, and finally develop the thesis based off facts which you’ve gathered and proven along the way. History has already taken place, and many points are already proven factual; shoot for openings where something could’ve gone either way.


If you’ve been blessed with history term paper writing, make sure to organize your title properly, open your paper with strong arguments and pack equal amounts of fact with strong opinion throughout.