How to write a great research paper in 8 steps

The assignment is to write a research paper. This is never an easy task, whether you are writing your first one, or have written many term papers through your years of schooling. In many classes, the term paper is the only thing you will be graded on, so your ability to pass hinges on the quality of your research paper. There are a lot of ways to make a paper great; here are some of the easiest to follow:

  1. Topic. When choosing a subject for your essay, it is essential that you pick one that is open to discussion and debate. There must be some indication of different points of view about the subject, even if the lines are blurred as to the distinctions.
  2. Research. Once you decide on a subject, you must fully research the facts and arguments for all sides. This will enable you to become familiar with the subject matter, giving you a grasp of the language needed when discussing the topic and point you in directions where your writing needs to go.
  3. Outline. Once you have done the research, thought about the subject, write an outline for your paper. This roadmap will keep you on point in your writing, and allow for the argument to flow naturally from one paragraph to the next.
  4. First Draft. After doing the research, crafting an outline, start writing your first draft. Do not be overly concerned with punctuation, grammar, or spelling. The idea is to get your thoughts onto the paper.
  5. Attention grabbing Introduction. When writing your draft, try to get as enticing and fascinating as possible so that your introduction will capture the reader’s attention.
  6. Persuasion. When you write your arguments, back up your conclusions with solid evidence and facts. You will also be more persuasive if you present opposing arguments, acknowledge their validity, but then discredit them with a solid discussion. Your reader will be more convinced of your point of view if the opposing point of view is presented and defeated.
  7. Flow. In order to persuade your reader of your conclusion, the reader must reach your conclusion. The essay must have flow from the beginning through to the end. A convincing transition from one point to the next point will keep the reader focused on your arguments.
  8. Proofread. Once you have completed the first draft, review it for any mistakes. It must be understood that a great term paper comes out of writing multiple drafts. You must always check your work. This is important not only for grammar and spelling but also content and tone. If the essay does not make sense, or is convoluted, the reader will not finish it.