Business Topics For Research Papers That You Should Avoid

When you start the brainstorming process, several topics of less potential will undoubtedly appear at some point. As a good business student, your task is to filter them out from the obvious gems and continue with your assignment. The problem is that occasionally those bad ideas mingle freely with the good ones and it becomes hard to tell them apart. To help you distinguish, her are some traits to look out for.

  • The unsupported
  • Some topics appear fine on the surface but then as you dig a bit deeper it becomes clear that there is no real evidence to support the main theme they propose. Without this all you will have is anecdotal ‘evidence’. If your research paper ends up being fluff, you risk poor grades or outright failure.

  • The unmentionable
  • There are topics that draw controversy consistently and add very little to the world of intellectual discourse. These are fine for cheap thrills or on certain daytime talk shows but unless they relate to business in some clear way they should be avoided. They may be particularly objectionable to the person who grades you.

  • The overdone
  • Playing it safe cane backfire when you select a topic that has been thoroughly dealt with by many other students before you. These tend to bore lecturers and the likelihood that one of the students who tried it before you was a better writer are a bit high. If a well worn topic is perfect for your purposes, put a spin on it so that you at least have something exotic to add to the mix when you submit.

  • he irrelevant
  • If you read widely in other disciplines you will most likely have come across theories and hypotheses worth investigating further. This is fine and to an extent should be encouraged to ensure that common place unoriginal topics are avoided. The problem occurs when the connections you are trying to draw are tenuous at best and the paper no longer has any relevance to the world of business. If you feel yourself heading in this direction, ask someone who also studies business if they agree with the direction you’ve taken.

If you’ve paid close enough attention during your lectures, the bad ideas will be easier to spot and you may not even need to think about it. If ever you begin to wonder, treat this article as a checklist and begin to eliminate the weakest topics after you brainstorm. I you're not sure you cann handle all this on your own, we advise you to get professional dissertation help.