Alfred Adler And Karen Horney: Ten Interesting Topics For Your Term Paper

As you may be aware, Adler and Horney are both amazing psychologists and they have contributed greatly to the society that we all know today. Without their findings and research in human psychology, it would be difficult for us to learn more about humans! That’s why their contribution had been huge. In high school, if you have chosen psychology as your topic of study, you might be required to write a few term papers on Adler and Horney. It would prove to be a good test for you and you should certainly be up for the challenge! Here are some interesting topics for you that you can write about in your term paper:

The lives of Adler and/or Horney

You can write an account on both psychologists and just come up with a descriptive essay about their lives and their contribution to society. Obviously, it needs to be in quite a lot of details, but if you were interested in it, it would be worth the effort.

Their works

As most of their published works are in the field of psychology, you could just do analysis on their work and just discuss about it.


You could discuss the idea of Adlerian, like what it is? How it works? Its origins and similar facts would help as well. Obviously it would be good if you could include your thoughts!

Compare their works with current works

A good idea for your term paper would be to compare the works of Adler and Horney to works nowadays!

Their impacts on society

Discuss the benefits of their findings and how humans have benefitted from it. Obviously this would make a great term paper.

History of psychology

Psychology has been a huge subject and you could link Adler to it and how he has contributed to the growth of the science.

Adlerian theory

Talk about how the theories work and how can people apply it to real life situations. Application is very important!

Individual psychology

Obviously Adler was the founder of individual psychology and you can discuss what he had done. It’s really interesting and it should attract readers!

Compare Adler’s work and Horney’s work

Obviously they have different works published; so it would be a good idea to just do a simple comparison!

Social elements

Adler was the first to include social elements in his ‘individual psychology’. You can discuss the significance of that in your term paper!