Students Networks - Term Paper Sample

The relationship between students in learning institutions plays a vital role in the holistic development of student’s academics and personality. In the present age, students are able to build robust networks using modern digital technological advancement such as the use of social network sites. This encourages teamwork, consultation and resource sharing, thereby creating positive influence on the education and the overall wellbeing of users. The use of social networks sites such as Facebook and tweeter speeds up the rate of information sharing, and makes students interactive, thus it encourages proactive participation among students. This is a driving force to learning activities as it empowers students towards personal responsibility in problem solving. This paper dwells on the use of social networking sites and technology among students.

Networking among students creates a sense of belonging to the student’s fraternity. Every student develops a longing to identify with the student’s community and this helps build healthy and ethical long-term friendships. Students are able to link with others from other learning institutions and this enables them to share resources like learning materials and a variety of ideas towards learning. It also helps students to express themselves thus building confidence because of the social interaction.

It is vital to mention that as much as the social networks help develop students; it also poses dangers to their character development because they are able to interact with peers from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds. This is a high risk since parental guidance may not find appropriate control over the lives of students. Students are well able to share obscene materials, thus corrupting their morals. A wide student network exposes them to the risk of receiving false information from anonymous sources. Social networks and internet communities have always enabled people to spread false heresies and fatal fables.

Being aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of students networking it is necessary to sensitize students about the benefits and necessary control to mitigate the risks that accompany the benefits. It is also the responsibility of guardians to lead students through making choices regarding socialization.