Recommendations On How To Write A 3-Page Research Paper

While in high school or even college, one of the types of research papers you will be asked to write include 3-page papers. This type of paper is of standard length and shorter than the 4-page and 5-page papers. This does not mean that being shorter in length, you would not have enough space to effectively argue your topic and make a good impression on the minds of your target readers. In order not to get stuck, there are several recommendations that would help you make the most of writing your research paper. Listed below are some helpful suggestions:

  • Choose Your Topic: Sometimes, it is the school that assigns the students topics they should base their academic papers on. At other times, the students are given the liberty to choose their own topics. If the latter is the case, then you should first choose your topic before you can carry out researches. Make sure that you opt for a topic that you would enjoy researching, writing and reading.

  • Carry Out Relevant Researches: The second on this list of recommendations, with your topic chosen, the next thing is to gather as much information as possible to help you write a wonderful research paper. Apart from researching on the internet and the library, you can also gather information from your previously written notes and your textbooks too. You are sure to find valuable information from these sources.

  • Compose The Body Of Your Paper: Still on recommendations, it is time for you to compose the body of your academic project. Knowing that the paper length is shorter, use each new paragraph to cover as much as you can about your main topics of the paper.

  • Craft A Compelling Introduction: Although this is the first part of your 3-page research paper which should be carefully and effectively written, it only has to be written after you are done with the main body of the paper. Where necessary, add a couple of anecdotes to further impress your readers.

  • Write Your Paper’s Conclusion: The last but not the least of the major recommendations on how to write a 3-page research paper, you should also pay attention to this part of your paper. See it as a brief restatement of what you have already written in your paper’s introduction, making sure to rewrite the sentences.

At this point, you should be able to determine if your paper is already up to 3 pages or more than 3 pages. If your instructor is the type that is very strict, make sure your paper is up to 3 pages and also, not more than 3 pages. Proofread for errors and you are ready to submit your research paper.