Creating a term paper: work cited page tutorial

Term paper writing is something that many students dread. Since this is a term paper, it isn’t just an essay or a research paper, it’s usually worth a lot more of your grade, and therefore needs more work put into it. Because of this, a wall of overwhelm and stress can stop you from truly doing your best. If you want to make a really good term paper, including the page where you cite sources, keep reading and you’ll find out.

This all needs to start with an outline. You might have heard time and again from teachers and other people that outlining is important but never really done it. Well, hear me now: it really is important. With a strong foundation, all your work is really done for you. Not only are you saving time, but when it comes to the actual writing of the term paper, all you need to do is fill in the blanks!

Citing Sources in a Term Paper

What does an outline have to do with citing your sources? Well in fact, it can help you a lot. When you’re writing your outline, you should be doing your research at the same time. Find the various quotes, journal articles, books, etc. that you need, and organize them by relevant categories, such as date written, into different arguments, or by author. This allows you to place your research easily into your first draft, and by extension, easily organize your cited sources page.

When it does come time to write your sources page, all you have to do is go back to that outline and there’s all your research, in the exact order that you used it. Now you just need to follow the format for citing different media that your teacher asked for, and you’re done. Focus on organization primarily, and you can’t go wrong. All it takes is tidy method of keeping track of research to make your cited sources page a piece of cake to write.

Now that you know how an outline can help, what else is there to do? Writing your cited sources page can be boring, and it can be hard to track down some of the information such as dates or publishers, but you can take it one at a time. Just focus on one source and get everything done that you can, before moving onto the next one.