Your reliable source of argumentative research paper topics

How to define a writer’s source of reliable argumentative essay topics is, is basically to understand what this type of essay is. By understanding that this type of essay is to take one topic and present two sound arguments. One argument would be pro, and the other con. They have to both be sound, and based on solid facts. Never make up or create facts.

To do an argumentative essay, both sides have to be researched thoroughly. Because the presentation has to be equal on both sides. Thus the writer needs to research each sides information, and figure out how to present it. If the author feels more towards one way over the other, it is best to end on that view.

Quite often people who write the better argumentative essays, do so by writing on things they are unsure of. If the writer questions both sides, it is actually easier to present a more open pro vs. con essay. Especially on their first few argumentative essays. It gives them a chance to develop their skills better to work on this type if they do not already have a side.

Take for example, if the author feels global warming is true. Then on their first argumentative essay, they are going to have a hard time providing a sound argument against global warming. The same if they believe it is not true. But if they are not sure, and have read on both sides, then it is much easier to develop both arguments. But the main thing here, is that because it is easier, it is also easier to develop their skills in writing this type of essay.

After they become more proficient, they can move towards more challenging topics. Global warming now would be easier for an experienced writer of argumentative essays if they believed one way or the other.

But even to an experienced writer of argumentative essays, subjects that they have questions about will always be their best source of material. This is because both questions are already there. Is it real? Is it not real?

One could take the subject of evolution and work that. The reason is due to the many avenues which can be worked to give valid pros and cons. Whatever the topic is, always make sure there is a good amount of solid facts on that topic in both pro and con.

Some good sources for argumentative essays are easy to find.

  1. News media
  2. Class topics, especially science, history, and literature.
  3. Books; topics like science theories, history references, literature and literature studies
  4. Documentaries
  5. Periodicals

These sources can give an argumentative essay writer many good sources. Many today have online references that the writer can go to, to get more information.