How to Detect a Bad Term Paper Example

Do you know the difference between a good term paper example and a bad one? When you google “term paper example” online you will find a selection of term papers, some which have been written by students like yourself and others that have been composed by professional academic writers. In our previous articles we discussed the importance of studying examples in order to improve the quality of your writing. Unfortunately, if the example that you are writing from is not a “quality example” then you will not learn too much from it- well maybe “what not to do when you write a term paper.”

You would think that it would be easy to spot a bad term paper example, but for many inexperienced students knowing the difference between an “A” grade paper and a failing one may not be that obvious. Aside from noticing clear composition and grammar errors the reason why the paper was evaluated the way that it was is subjective to knowing the term paper assignment criteria. What we are trying to explain here is that a student may fail their term paper writing assignment because they have not properly met the criteria as assigned by the instructor.

Knowing A Stinker When You See One

As you become increasingly more familiar with the qualities of a good example of student writing, the bad examples will begin to stand out like a sore thumb. Good examples will have the following qualities:

  • Clear thesis statement
  • A strong argument
  • 3 or more points defended with examples
  • A summarizing conclusion
  • Insight and thoughtfulness
  • A clear understanding of the subject matter

Bad examples, will usually lack in many of these qualities. They will not be easy to read or understand and may go off topic. This is usually because a.) The person writing the paper does not understand the assignment/ has not put much work into completing the assignment or b.) The person writing has missed the point of the term paper assignment.

Finding Good Examples

The best way to find a quality term paper example is to buy one from a professional writing service that is composed specifically for the term paper assignment that you are attempting to complete. By purchasing an example, rather that looking for one online, you will be able to use that example as a model for your own paper and write your paper by mirroring it after the sample that has been prepared for you by the writer for hire. By doing this you can rest assured that the example you are using has been written specifically for the class that you are taking, so your chances of getting a good grade will be dramatically improved.