How to Create a Strong Technology Research Paper

Writing a technology research paper is much like writing any kind of research paper. When starting out you will want to research, plan, execute and then write. The only difference between a technology-based paper and a paper on another type of topic is where you may locate your topic and research.

  • Read the Latest
  • When writing a paper about technology, you will want to explore unique and interesting topics to produce the strongest paper. Some of the best places these research topics about technology can be located are scientific publications, academic databases and even the news. Developments in technology are made on a daily basis, and these developments are newsworthy information. The most cutting-edge and interesting topics will likely be found in these news-like resources—since they are new technologies with less research already compiled.

  • Research
  • When writing about more recent technology sometimes finding strong research can be difficult. Likely there will be only very limited trials already completed, and only minimal information available online. You may be able to find more technical documents on these newer technologies, and these will be the best sources of research for you. Other research that can be included in the paper can be information about technologies that neighbor or compete with the technology you are discussing. Drawing comparisons between different technologies can allow you to build a strong research argument.

  • Plan
  • After reading up on the latest technologies, selecting a topic, and finding your research—you will be ready to plan. You will make the plan for your technology research paper like you would make any other research paper plan. We recommend creating an outline for your paper’s plan, and an agenda to plan your time. The outline will organize your research into an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction will present your research paper, and the points you intend to make in the body of your paper. The body of your paper will lead the read through your points, and support these points with credible research. The conclusion will tie up any loose ends of your paper. Your agenda will properly allot your time to get these steps done, one at a time, on schedule.

  • Execute
  • Once you have your plan, you are ready to write. Follow the outline you have created, and this will guide you through the writing process. By staying on topic with your outline, you will create a cohesive and smooth paper. This will make for the strongest argument. After writing, you will want to proceed with editing and peer editing.