I Want To Write a Term Paper In 2 Weeks

Is your academic semester drawing quickly to a close? Or are you facing a stringent deadline for your major program or honor’s thesis? Maybe you just have a ton of pressing assignments and responsibilities looming large, and want to get a head start on finishing up your tasks. Either way, you’re here because you want to complete a lengthy term paper assignment in just two weeks.

This may seem like a high bar to clear, but you absolutely can write a high quality, thorough term paper (and have it edited) in just fourteen days. Simply adhere to these steps, if you are unwilling to hire paper writing service.

Step 1: Meet With Your Adviser

Never begin a challenging assignment such as a term paper without some external advising. If you have an approval committee or a major adviser of some kind, schedule a meeting with him or her and have a frank conversation about what is expected of the paper assignment. Ask about the structure, length, content, and what the process of review is like. Take notes during this meeting, and try to arrive at a very rough outline if you can.

Step 2: Read Sample Papers

The best way to get a good sense of what is expected from a term paper is to read dozens of them yourself. Seek out a ton of term paper drafts, either from your instructor or online, particularly focusing on term papers relevant to your academic discipline. Read them with a highlighter in one hand and a pen in the other. Note what works and what is unclear in each paper. Develop some ideas of what you should do, and what you can avoid in your own text.

Step 3: Create A Writing Schedule

Every day, you must devote two to three hours to writing. No exceptions. This may not be fun, but it will ensure that you complete your deadline on time. Many people find it easiest to find time at the very beginning of the day. If at all possible, wake up earlier than usual, flip open your computer, and write without distraction for two to three hours first thing. If this does not work, carve out time in the middle of your day, or at the end of work. Chip away at your term paper and do not let procrastination occur.

Step 4: Proofread After Writing

Do not edit your paper at all while you are still writing it. Editing while writing is ineffective and demotivating for the vast majority of people. Instead, wait a day or two after your rough draft has been completed, then print it out and go after it with a highlighter and ink pen.