Can Renewable Energy Meet The UK's Future Energy Needs?

Renewable energy is considered a major type of energy that is capable of meeting energy needs of the world’s economy. Renewable energy also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, hence decreasing the effects of climate change. UK is one of the economies that have shown commitment to the conservation of the environment and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this, the UK has set up targets to increase its energy from renewable sources. The UK aims to increase its renewable energy to 15pc of the total energy by 2020. However, it is not clear among scholars and policy implementers whether renewable energy is actually able to meet the UK’s future energy needs.

UK’s top engineers have suggested that in order for UK to meet its energy needs and cut greenhouse emissions it needs to make big investments and social transformations. Some of the changes needed to achieve this include changes in energy use habits in homes, reduction in distance commuting to work and immense use of solar power and wind energy. To achieve the desired energy levels in UK, more than 20,000 wind turbines are needed to be installed, each house needs solar panels of about 36m2 and farm and other types of wastes are supposed to be burned for electricity. Most of these sources of energy are renewable sources. This indicates that renewable energy is able to meet future energy needs of the UK if the relevant stakeholders participate in the big investments and social transformation needed. However, these investments and social changes require fundamental restructuring of the political system. The political class will therefore have to develop sufficient political enthusiasm to drive sound energy planning and policy implementation.

It is clearly evident that renewable energy can be able to meet the energy needs of UK. Unfortunately, this may not be the case if the political class is not committed to implement the needed restructuring in investment and social changes. A strong will and machinery is actually needed to invest in renewable energy and to implement social transformation in all UK homes. If the UK’s economic planners and political class are able to achieve the required investment and social transformations, then UK is indeed going to meet its future energy needs.