Finding Excellent Narrative Papers On the Internet

There are a wealth of websites that offer samples of narrative papers online. Unfortunately, as to be expected, many of these papers are not all that great. Here are a few ways to sift through a host of mediocre narrative essays to find the gems.

1. Quality of The Website

This is an easy way to get an idea of the quality of the work that will be represented on sites. Before opening up any of the samples, take a quick look around the website. If it looks out of date or really, not very attractive to the eye, maybe it would be best to save some time and move on to another website.

2. Look For User Ratings or Download Rates

Some websites like to keep track of the amount of downloads files receive. If the rates are fairly high, many sites will post these statistics for users to see, often showing an all-time and weekly/monthly download rate for that particular document. This gives an accurate idea of the quality of the essay as well as the upkeep of the site.

Another tool to look for is the User rating and comments often found at the bottom of pages on document sharing sites. This is another great way to save time going through each and every file. Simply scroll down to where the user ratings and comments can be found and quickly scroll through. If the file is worth taking a look at, you’ll know relatively quickly.

3. Writing Community Forums

Join writing community forums and you’ll find a host of great sites to find the best writing samples from. Many of these sites have resource areas on their site that will list recommendations from other writers or the moderators. These can be very beneficial in helping you locate sites and/or services that have excellent narrative papers at their disposal. Also, be sure to reach out to other experienced members on these forums as they may be able to personally point you in the right direction.

Finding excellent narrative papers on the internet can be time consuming, not necessarily difficult. If you go in with a plan of how and where you want to aim to look, chances are you’ll cut your search in half without really even knowing it.