Movie Research Paper Writing Tips

While many students hate writing, an assignment such as writing a movie review can be an enjoyable assignment. Whether you enjoy watching comedies, romance or documentaries, having an assignment of this nature only adds to the purpose of your viewing enjoyment. Many students actually like writing movie reviews for various reasons. You can write about something that gives your opinion while critiquing what you just watched. It is a matter of being able to write your content well in order to obtain a passing grade for the assignment. The following tips may give an idea on how you can write a quality movie review.

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  • Make sure you review guidelines for your review presented by your school. There are different ways you can write a movie review, but you should follow instructions based on the format you are given.
  • Take time to watch the film more than once if possible. Sometimes certain pieces of information tend to stand out better a second or third time around.
  • When you give a review on the movie content, provide supportive criticism with your opinion. Be careful on attacking a certain element of the film such as the director, actor or screenwriter. In some cases, this could cause your review to receive a failing grade since you’ve missed the point of the assignment.
  • Have an idea of the audience that would read the review. This point is of more significance if the review is being pitched to a publication verse being written for a class assignment. You still want to keep this in mind to help you with word usage and forming concise thoughts for better understanding.
  • Try not to give away too much information about the movie. In other words, don’t spoil it for others who have yet to see it. The idea is to give brief information about the movie such as the plot or storyline.
  • Critique the story by judging it, rate the actors and technical aspects related to the production. How well do the characters justify the storyline and related actions? Did the actors meet expectations in how they performed; where they believable? Is there something you feel that could have been done better?
  • Read other movie reviews to get an idea of content you are expected to produce. Most reviews are not too long, but many have specific details you should include.
  • Proofread and edit your work to improve quality and to ensure your opinion comes across clearly.