Research paper writing instructions: common citation rules

To write a research paper is easy when you know exactly the steps you need to follow. It is not so different from writing any other essay, but you need to be extra careful with your documentation. An extended research and a deep understanding of the topic is necessary if you want to impress your audience. Follow our writing instructions for a research paper to help you get the appreciation of your professor.

  • Find a suitable topic. Even if you chose to write about physics or physiology, the theme of your choice must provide sufficient data for a complete research. Any topic that is vague or it can be interpreted in different ways will not be satisfactory enough for the requirements of this essay. The best themes for this kind of paper are the ones that can provide exact information, preferably from official sources.
  • Find as much information as possible. Do not limit yourself to a few web pages and your books. If you dig deeper, for sure, you will find data that will surprise your professor, and that will show how much you worked on your homework. There are many websites where you can find real interesting information even if they are not well-known or officially verified.
  • Try to go directly to the source. When possible, try to find quotes relevant to your topic from people who are considered an authority in the field. This will make your work look professional, and you can bring a fresh perspective into your essay. Make sure you mention the source, and you reproduce the quote correctly.
  • Start writing. When you write the first draft, use only the information that you already know and don’t stop to verify or correct anything. This will allow you to be creative and to put your own writing style in the paper. When you think you can’t bring anything new to the paper, introduce the information that you collected in your research. Make sure you arrange everything in logic and chronologic order.
  • Correct the data and the structure. After you had finished exposing your ideas and the primary information, you need to fix everything and to make sure you left no space for grammar or punctuation mistakes. The structure needs to be suitable for this kind of paper, and it needs to contain a relevant introduction and an interesting conclusion. Make sure to be completely objective and to expose the topic in an engaging manner.